Hear the sound of 大漠谣

After so many months of waiting, we finally get to see Da Mo Yao (大漠谣) on TV.

I had started reading the novel after Bu Bu Jing Xing (步步惊心), excited that another Tong Hua’s novel was getting adapted. As I read on, and joined in the Jiu-ye x Jin Yu shipping, it became obvious that the end game was not what I was rooting for, and that made me put the book down. I could not bear reading and feeling the sense of regret that engulfed Jiu-ye with each step Jin Yu took towards Huo Qu Bing.

My excitement for the drama died further when the cast of Tangren’s adaptation was finalised.

  • Liu Shishi (YAY!) as Jin Yu (aka Xin Yue in the TV version)
  • Eddie Peng as Huo Qu Bing (aka Wei Wu Ji in the TV version)
  • Hu Ge as Meng Jiu (aka Mo Xun in the TV version)

I was holding out hope that even though I can’t have Jiu-ye and Jin Yu happily ever after in the novel, at least I could see Hu Ge and Shishi happily ever after in the drama. They have acted in many dramas together, but not once as the OTP! But no, he had to act as my favourite character (the gentle second lead who quietly cares for the lead always win me over), who doesn’t get the girl in the end. =(

So in a way, it may be for the better that DMY took more than 2 years since the start of filming, before it finally got the go-ahead to air.

For more the saga, read this report, also summarised below:


Since the commencement of filming in March 2012, Da Mo Yao went through 1 instance of refilming scenes, 1 change in the airing platform, 2 submissions to the broadcasting authority, 3 changes of name, before it finally announced the October airing on Hunan TV as “Feng Zhong Qi Yuan”.

At least I don’t feel so strongly for Jiu-ye now, since the bittersweet chapters in the first half of Da Mo Yao has gradually faded with time.

Determined to start afresh and heaad for the right direction, I went into episode 1 reminding myself that the OTP was Huo Qu Bing and Jin Yu. Jiu-ye was but a short detour so I shouldn’t get so invested. Jin Yu’s words kept replaying on my mind: When she first came to the city, she was looking for Huo Qu Bing, although it was Jiu-ye who found her first.

Below I translate the lyric and an introduction to my favourite song off the soundtrack of the drama.

好好過 by 胡歌. I love the MV, perfect in depicting the anguish and sense of helplessness Jiu-ye must have felt as Jin Yu slipped away. I’ll listen to Hu Ge and let go of my lingering love for Jiu-ye x Jin Yu so as to open up our heart to Huo Qu Bing. Claps for Eddie, who managed to inject boyish playfulness into the general, making the character look like a viable choice to ship with Jin Yu for now.

Translated introduction to the song from binmusictaipei on Youtube
何必讓遺憾 放肆再重播
別讓這一段 綁住你的夢 你的天空

[好好過] 胡歌

I heard that you are still looking for me
Why let regret take hold again?
Turn around, you still have a long road ahead
Don’t let this short episode tie down your dreams, your sky

“Live Well” by Hu Ge


Produced by Tangren, “Sound of the Dessert” is adapted from Bu Bu Jing Xing’s author, Tong Hua’s novel of the same title. The most anticipated historical period drama in 2014, it stars Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng and Hu Ge in a story that crosses the dessert and the capital city, a beautiful love story between a general and a commoner.


The song opens with simple piano melody, as if one was deep inside a forest dyed with red leaves and filled up autumn wind. Eyes brimmed with tears which reflected longing, but one can only hold onto such feelings with even more longing, with no way to put them into words. Living in this hectic and materialistic world, there are too many meetings and farewells, sometimes with no apparent reason. Time, place, opportunity, destiny…, feelings often come and go.


In the MV for “Live well”, “Let’s both live well. Time will heal the loneliness we feel now. Our next meeting may be by chance, many years later. We’ll be able to laugh as we share the life we’re living. Let go of everything, don’t be stubborn anymore.” depicts the blessings Mo Xun gave Xin Yue after he decided to let go. Despite the sense of helplessness, his love is true and giving.


The song leads to a scene where Mo Xun lightly kissed Xin Yue’s lips before putting Wei Wu Ji’s hand on Xin Yue’s hand, as if in a final farewell. How reluctant and heartwrenching it must have been.


“I heard that you are still looking for me. Why let regret take hold again?” In the vast world, the overwhelming sense of longing, destiny appears to be so shallow and frail. If being apart is the best ending, letting go is the best one can do for another. “Live well”. From being one half of a pair, returning to a world with only one lone self. Perhaps those 2 words represents the most ordinary wish in life, but to truly own it would count as a kind of extravagant happiness.


Hu Ge only spent a short time recording this song, injecting Mo Xun’s feelings into it. “A lot of songs nowadays tend to over edit. This song by Hu Ge showcases his honest voice. We didn’t do much editing, so that it can retain a most natural sincerity.” In the digital music world, everyone’s after a well-polish song; clean and earnest voices are few and far between.


Sound of the Desert airs on Hunan TV at 10pm every Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1 October onwards.

Translated lyrics (please do not repost without permission!)

Live Well

任憑那 滿園紅花落
終究沒能夠 支撐到最後
The season of beautiful blossoms has long passed
Fallen red flowers fill up the garden
Even if I’m reluctant to let go of heart-thumping moments we shared
Ultimately I am unable to preserve till the end

就別再藕斷絲連 就別再回頭
熟悉的畫面 只會更難受
獨力去承受 當時的選擇 即使有錯
Don’t hold onto the threads any further, don’t look back again
Familiar scenes will only make you feel worse
I’ll stay at a quiet corner by myself
Singlehandedly bear the consequences of my choice, even if it was wrong

Let’s both live well
Keep those beautiful days in our hearts
Our parting was already the end to the story
It’s only fruitless and a waste of time to hold onto them

Let’s both live well
Time will heal the loneliness we feel now
Our next meeting may be by chance, many years later
We’ll be able to laugh as we share the life we’re living

何必讓遺憾 放肆再重播
別讓這一段 綁住你的夢 你的天空
I heard that you are still looking for me
Why let regret take hold again?
Turn around, you still have a long road ahead
Don’t let this short episode tie down your dreams, your sky

放了所有 別再執著 OH~
Let go of everything, don’t be stubborn anymore


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